Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oxford Burger Blog

Did I mention that my friends and I started a burger blog? Not just any burger blog, an Oxford Burger Blog. This is our summer project-- to try every burger in Oxford, specifically sit down restaurants that do not have drive-thrus.

"To begin, we needed to come up with standard judging criteria. In an effort to be consistent, we have created score sheets to take to each restaurant to judge their fare. Burgers will be judged in five categories: style, taste, content, satisfaction, and price. Each category is worth five points, adding up to 25 points for overall score." --quoted from Oxford Burger Blog

Meet the Judges!

Jill Jill- when she's not being America's every day badass she likes to listen to Chris Carrabba and bite into a good slab of meat

Gregster- When he's not wooing ladies with his french accent and quoting lines from Camelot he likes to enjoy a burger with a Heineken

And then there's me, Beth. When I'm not being attacked by parrots with obscure names I often like to promote red meat as nature's candy

To join us on our adventure, visit:

Jingles in June, definitely OK

Oxford Rhythm Revival is Back- Saturday, June 18th!

     When you think of June in Mississippi what comes to mind? Summer, friends, and music; and that’s why we’re eager to welcome back the Oxford Rhythm Revival music festival. A perfect evening to spend with friends hearing live music scheduled on four different stages on the
Oxford Square,
and a $20 all-venue pass gets you into all the shows.
      Last year’s surprise attraction at the Rhythm Revival was the Jingle Contest. Because it was so popular this contest has now become an annual feature to the festival. The Jingle Contest is a competition for songwriters to write the best jingle about one of the sponsors of the Oxford Rhythm Revival. Last year’s submissions ranged from original compositions to humorous parodies. Eric Carlton, Jamie Posey, Gin-Gin Carlton, and Rosamond Posey won the inaugural contest last year with their Rossini inspired jingles for Square Books. Anyone can sponsor the Oxford Rhythm Revival, but you must sponsor to be eligible for a jingle.
      Songwriters will perform their jingles Saturday, June 18 at 7:00 pm at Soulshine Pizza.  First prize artist of the Jingle Contest will receive a $300 cash prize and a chance to perform for Music in the Hall this fall. The judges for the competition will be Jim Dees and Mary Lou Williams. If you can not perform your jingle live on Saturday, you can submit a recorded version.
     To become a participant in the jingle contest or to become a sponsor of the Oxford Rhythm Revival email Ferriday at Businesses must be a sponsor to have a jingle written about them with a $100 minimum sponsorship. If you have any questions regarding the jingle contest please contact Daniel Morrow at

For more information on the Oxford Rhythm Revival visit: