Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday is my Favorite Day

What's more therapeutic than cooking? How satisfying is it to know that you created something that makes somebody else happy? And then you too get to enjoy that glow of satisfaction while enjoying your creation. Awesome, welcome to my Sunday.

I enjoy my sunday because I spend a lot of them cooking- and I always cook something new. For example a couple weeks ago I made Blueberry Buckle.
right before the baking process

And this is the After Picture
 So my oven cooks unevenly sometimes and the crumble topping looks a little burnt, but words can not describe how delicious it is passed its outer crumble shell. Now if you've EVER heard of a Blueberry Buckle, then you know that it has the same consistency as a coffee cake ... so it would basically taste like a condensed blueberry muffin. Fabulous.

So yesterday I finally went grocery shopping after procrastinating for probably 2 weeks.. and after spending, you know, $80 I feel like I'm set for a while. My whole purpose for groceries was I could make 2 things: a mushroom & tuna casserole and apple-crisp. If you don't know, it's apple season (check out my previous post). I have never made either of these recipes, until yesterday. I used to watch my mom make apple-crisp all the time, so since it's that time of year, it was my daughterly duty to make it.

I had my friend Amanda come over for some girl time chit-chat while I was preparing the mushroom & tuna casserole.  So it's an easy recipe- consisting of Mushrooms, Onions, cream cheese, fettucini noodles, milk, salt & pepper, and swiss cheese for topping. Easy.

While I was combining the mix in the casserole dish and was adding the shredded cheese on top I then asked myself- isn't this a strange combo of food in a casserole? But I guess I don't know anything about food, because it was DELICOUS. Thank you google for providing me with a unique new recipe that really hones in on the greatness of mushrooms, (which is also an in-season food).

I didn't get a picture of the casserole, but I did snap a picture of the apple-crisp for dessert.

Mom would be proud
Advice of the day: Always serve apple-crisp warm and with a little vanilla ice cream on top. YUM

Happy Fall!

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