Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yarn Bombing: Destruction of Fibers or Explosion of Fuzzy Colors?

    I'm going to basically copy and paste the press release I wrote for my job for this blog post, BUT I'm putting my specific comments in color. Because, there are a couple different things I wanted to highlight, but my boss wouldn't let me suggested against it.

    Fiber artists and enthusiasts will be making their way to Oxford, January 21 – 23, for the first ever Fiber Arts Festival hosted by the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and Knit1 Oxford. This three-day event is the first event, of its kind, in Mississippi. The Fiber Arts Festival will offer workshops, lectures on vintage knitting, demonstrations in: crochet, lace making, rug hooking, etc., and even “make and take” classes for all ages where you can learn a fiber art in one lesson.

     If that’s not enough to keep the kids interested, the live alpacas definitely will! YES, alpacas are the ones that spit! But not all of them do. They make humming noises when their being friendly or just trying to communicate. And the males sqwack like crazy birds when they fight. The alpacas’ consistency in quality and quantity of its fiber and fineness of its coat has made them a valuable fiber-bearing animal. A look-a-like to a tiny llama the animals will be part of the demonstrations showcasing the vibrancy of fiber arts from the origins of the fibers to the finished product.  Visitors can even take part in the latest fiber art trend - yarn bombing.

    Yarn Bombing is a colorful twist on graffiti.  Artists twist, tie, wrap and roll fibers around anything.  The columns in front of stores on the square and bikes have been yarn bombed transforming them into brilliant, fuzzy works of art. During the fiber art festival visitors can take part in yarn bombing the historic pumps in front of The Powerhouse.  Yes, sign me up for wrapping random buildings and objects in yarn! Ok, I personally have not seen what this looks like yet, but I heard it looks pretty stinkin' cool. YAC & Knit1 hope to make this festival a tradition with the combination of the talent in the area, interest, and support we’ve generated from the community; we’re anticipating a fun, fiber weekend for all! YEAH, and Alpacas!

Learning how to make a felt clutch is just ONE of the workshops available Fiber Arts Weekend

     The festival hours start Friday, January 21 from 5-9pm with the lecture on vintage knitting and crochet with a reception at 7pm. Saturday, January 22 from 10am-4pm, will be Make and Take crafts available all day, a felt clutch workshop, and yarn bombing. Sunday, January 23 from 1-4pm will be the Nuno Felted Scarf workshop and the Hand Painting Sock Yarn workshop.  On exhibit during the festival in the Powerhouse Gallery will be quilts by the PieceMakers Quilt Guild.

Unfortunately, (not really unfortunate because I'm excited to go) I'll be at a wedding that weekend. (See blog post before this one) With one of my all time favorite people, whom I only get to see, basically, once a year.

I'm encouraging you to be at the Fiber Arts Fest, because Alpacs really are adorable and learning how to make a felt clutch is probably one of the neatest skills ever.


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