Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here Come the Brides, Dum-da-da-da

In my eyes, it's completely wedding season. As of January 2, 2011. Wedding season (for me) will officially start. Not only in attendance of me going/ being in friend's weddings, but also at work (Yoknapatawpha Arts Council of the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, Oxford, MS).

Upcoming Weddings to attend listed by month:
       January - 2
       March - 1
       May - 1 + 1 wedding reception
       June - 1

Which I guess isn't a TON, but to me- its the most I've ever been to in a span of 6 months.

Also, for the record, Weddings are a BLAST. Are you kidding? Free food, friends, dancing, and booze. Why would you not want to go? It's the best excuse for traveling and getting out of town for a weekend.

I'm around weddings constantly in the Spring. Working for the Arts Council allows me the opportunity to show off our building to potential brides-to-be and help them plan their special day. I'm not joking when I say that between today (Dec. 30) and July 23rd, that's exactly 30 weekends in total, we only have 6 weekends that are actually available for using the building.

Since I've seen many styles of weddings, I'm going to share with you who is the best of the best when it comes to catering/ bartending/ venue space in Oxford.


Yoknapatawpha Arts Council of the Powerhouse Community Arts Center

The Powerhouse, (duh). Our rental/usage of building has one of the lowest prices in town. Any tables, chairs, lighting we have available is no additional cost. Our house manager is available and present to help with any and all pre-reception/ during reception/ and after reception setup or take down.

Gallery room

The Powerhouse was built in 1928 as the ‘Powerhouse’ for the city of Oxford. Its vintage style brick and spacious rooms with tall ceilings provide any couple with the ingredients to create a delightful celebration. Located on
University Avenue
, it’s the venue that adapts to the vision for your special day. The Powerhouse features two spacious rooms. For smaller events, one room may be reserved for a more intimate gathering or for larger events both rooms could be connected so your guests can mingle freely from room to room.
Theatre room

My absolute favorite work has always been done by The Twisted Twig. Ashley Daniels is personable, easy to work with, and her work is always exceptional and elegant. She does all of the florist work herself, and she is absolutely my favorite in town.
The Twisted Twig

Catering/Bar service: I have 3 favorites.
For just bar service: The Lyric does a great job and their prices are reasonable.
For Catering + Bar: Party Waitin' to Happen can do both. Everytime I see them cater its always something new and intriguing. Ibby & Wiley are a mother/son catering duo. Always delicious. And they always do a fantastic decoration setup with the food.
Party Waitin' to Happen

For just Catering: Taylor Grocery Catering. Butch- the owner can seriously, probably, make anything. Most people know them for their catfish place in Taylor, MS. Taylor Catering has a cute little catering van that they cook the food in and bring with them on site. I've seen them do buffet style & serving style and their homestyle southern meals have always been a personal favorite of mine.

So to recap, favorite time for brides to get married = Spring and that is Wedding Season, which = fun x10 for all. Polish your dance shoes and save your money for wedding gifts + hotel rooms.

And if you're looking for the perfect gift for a new bride:
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